Why people choose escorts over dating

escorts better than dating

Why are millions of people leaving the dating world and booking escorts instead?

A study shown that people dating is at its record low. With people actively looking for a partner down to about 25% of the entire population, worldwide. We think it is safe to say that romance is certainly starting to die out, for various reasons. With another recent study, conducted on the 1st of August 2018, showing that 59.6% of the population (again worldwide) say that they are not looking for love or dates and feel their love lives are fulfilled by booking escorts from their local areas.

So, we have done a little research of our own and discovered why the times are changing.

Escorts have been around, in one form or another for thousands and thousands of years. They are even mentioned in the bible! While also being a huge part of Roman and Geek culture, to name but two. Which you can see for yourself if you pick up any history books.

Up until not long ago, escorts were for the rich and famous. There were, of course, street walkers for those who did not have too much money to spare. But these often came with STD’s so where more than often avoided by the working man.

However, this has now changed. With escorts not being as expensive, but still offering you a top class service. Anyone can book an escort in Birmingham for example and get a great escort serive from xxx Birmingham escort agency https://xxxescorts.com/. Opening the eyes of men and women from middle-class and below to the service they can receive, which is far superior to anything that will find their girlfriend/boyfriend giving to them. Therefore, making a date a thing of the past, for nearly everyone.

These ladies offer companionship, memorable and fun moments, and naughty playtime without the arguments, issues and hassle which goes hand in glove with dating someone. You ring them when you want to see them, they turn up, you both have fun and that’s the end to it. There really are no strings attached when you hire escort services.

The best thing is, you can book an escort for whatever time you like. If you don’t feel like sleeping alone tonight, you don’t need to. Alternatively, if you feel like having a naughty girl for an hour of erotic and sensual antics, you can of course have just that!

Also, you do not need to stick to the same girl, if you don’t want to. Which is exactly the opposite to dating someone. Making exclusivity a thing of the past too! You can have a different escort every night of the week if you desire. Of course, no two escorts will be the same. So, you have every kind of woman in the world at your fingertips. Very often escorts cost less than the amount you would pay to take you and your date out for a meal at a half decent restaurant too! Making it much more cost effective for you. Meaning, you have money left over at the end of the month to spend on yourself (or ANOTHER escort?!). Either way, making you feel like you have done wore with your life.

The clients of escorts have also commented frequently on the fact they because they do not have a wife at home to argue with, for example, who causes them nothing but stress. They have a clearer head to focus on business and have actually become more successful too.

So, what do you think? Is the simplicity of escorts better than finding someone to date for a long period of time, at least? We would be very interested to know what you think!