Why book our submissive escorts

Submissive escorts

Submissive escorts are ready to obey and surrender to the needs of their clients. They are popular with clients who like to play the sexual dominant role. A submissive escort is not to be abused, she is available for clients who want to take the lead role in the bedroom. Different escorts in have different levels of submissiveness. Therefore, it is best to ask when making the appointment how submissive the lady is. An escort may allow you to spank her, pull her hair and tie her up and enjoy a high pain threshold, whereas other escorts in may not be as submissive. An escort may become more submissive as she sees a client regularly and begins to trust him. A submissive escort will give herself to you as a gift, it cannot just be taken. She may ask you to sign an agreement, so you cannot go above a level that makes her uncomfortable, physically or mentally. She will give you a password, that she will use if you are being too dominant and she feels out of her comfort zone. Anything you do to a submissive escort must be consensual beforehand. The safety of a submissive escort must be taken into consideration at all times. A submissive escort is not a weak girl with low self-esteem, she is a kind girl allowing her clients to experiment with their dominant side. It is a misconception that submissive escorts have no personality. They are well respected

Some clients who visit a submissive escort, do not engage in any sexual activity. They may enjoy erotically dominating the submissive escort verbally. This gives the client a feeling of power and control. The client may ask the escort to refer to him as “Sir”.