Roleplay ideas

Role play ideas

Roleplay ideas with Leeds escorts can be discussed prior to the appointment. This ensures the escort has the correct fantasy roleplay costume or is in character upon arrival. Some clients feel silly or perverted asking for certain roleplays, so discussing the idea first can put the client as ease. Roleplay ideas can be based on any sexual fantasy that you have. Any roleplay ideas with a Leeds escort is between two consenting adults, so there will be no negative consequences to what you ask of her. Fantasy roleplay is simply an escort from Leeds being an “actress” for the duration of time a client is with her. And there is nothing wrong with indulging in a bit of acting! Men find it very arousing the thought of having a woman who is off limits.

Roleplay ideas can lead to wherever your imagination takes you. It could be fantasy pony play where the Leeds escort literally dresses up as a pony and is taken on a lead for a walk, or vice versa. Or an adult baby, where the escort has to feed and clean the client. Perhaps give him a bath and let him pretend to breastfeed him from her big boobs. He may wish for the escort to dress up as a cartoon character or movie star role. Providing no one is hurt, there are no limits to what roleplay idea can be explored. A lot of roleplay ideas are based on dominant and submissive roles. Normally taking sexual advantage over someone is a lesser work position.

Some popular roleplay ideas are as follows. A lot of escorts from Leeds own these popular roleplay costumes. They are easily bought from adult shops like Ann Summers or most fancy-dress shops.

Naughty school girl or college student roleplay. The idea of taking advantage of a younger girl can be appealing to some men. Others don’t like the idea of the title “school girl”, so prefer to say, “college girl”. In his mind the role that the escort is playing, is over the legal consent. A client could play the role of the dominant headmaster and the escort is the naughty pupil, who has to be bent over and spanked. The escort will wear a short skirt with long socks and her mid drift showing. Alternatively, the client can be the naughty school boy in his suit and the escort is the dominant headmistress who seduces him.

Naughty night nurse roleplay. It is every client’s secret fantasy to be sexually abused by a night nurse when he is incapicated. All he can do is lay and watch whilst the naughty escort plays with him. Dressed in a white sexy nurses’ outfit, with high heels, stockings and suspenders, she can do anything she wants, and he can’t move to stop her. Of course, in real life he doesn’t want to stop her, but it’s all just play.

Receptionist or office girl roleplay. The Leeds escort may pretend she has come for a job interview. The appointment may actually be held in the client’s office for more realism. The eager applicant allows her client to feel powerful, in control and dominant. She will do anything she can, including sexual things, to get the job with him. Or the client may want to be the office junior and be dominated by the escort pretending to be his boss.

Policewoman roleplay. Being reprimanded by a dominant woman can really get the imagination running wild. Being handcuffed and strip searched is a popular fantasy. Some escorts have a cage to put their naughty criminals in. Whilst the escorts in Leeds lean forward and show their cleavage, or bend over and show their sexy thongs, the client will be spanked with a truncheon if he touches her.