Experience of using an escort agency

escort agency experience

There are so many escort agencies all over the world, that I needed to find out for myself why girls choose to be represented by an Birmingham escort agency that is my favourite: https://www.eroticbirminghamescorts.co.uk/ . I knew already what are the benefits of making a booking through an escort agency. If I enjoyed the experience of using an escort agency, then it meant for me that there are many more girls to choose from.

My first ever escort experience was an independent escort that I found on Adult Work. The pictures that she had used to represent herself with were fake, she did none of the services that she told me she did over the phone and she took my money. I felt like I had been robbed, so this is why I decided to look at escort agencies.

Like any modern man, I looked on the internet for local reputable escort agencies. There are many forums for punters, so it was relatively easy to choose a genuine escort agency with a good reputation. This particular escort agency had a gallery page, so I could view all their escorts, their services and reviews from clients. There was a calendar to show when she was working, so I nervously rang the escort agency on the number provided on their website. They answered immediately, which I initially thought was great because if you ring an escort directly, and she is working, the phone doesn’t get answered!

My initial assumption of booking an escort through an escort agency is the simplicity of it. Firstly, the escort agency arranges everything. They have seriously thought of everything to make sure the booking goes smoothly. They acted as a go-between for me and the escort that I had chosen to ensure safety and discretion for us both. Let’s face it, myself and the escort are strangers with private personal lives. I don’t want a bunny boiler ringing me when I’m at home with my girlfriend. So, this was another benefit added to my tick list. At no point could I ever ring and harass an escort from this agency and vice versa. This also meant that I had to trust what the escort agency was telling me as I had no way of asking the escort direct before my booking.

Booking escorts from an agency is low cost.

I was genuinely surprised how significantly cheaper it was to book a working girl through an escort agency! It came to my attention that escorts who work for an agency have no overhead bills to pay, like advertising or incall accommodation, so they can keep their prices cheaper than escorts who don’t work for an agency.

I really liked the fact that the escort agency represents the girl. Therefore, if anything was to go wrong with the booking or I wasn’t happy, they would resolve the situation for me.

For my first time boking via an escort agency, I choose to use on of their incalls. This was an apartment that their girls can use not far from where I live. I felt reassured knowing that no one I know will be knocking on the door.

When I arrived at the agreed time, I was pleasantly surprised to see the exact girl that I had chosen from her photos. She was wearing a black silk dress and high heels as I had requested. 10 out of 10 to the escort agency for passing on my clothing request! The escort seemed genuinely happy to meet me and greeted me with a warm hug and a loving kiss. She offered me a drink, whilst we talked, and I paid her cash directly. She told me she preferred working for an escort agency for all the above reasons that I had discovered for myself. She also told me that she wasn’t lonely working for the escort agency, because she had other female friends she has met during her time working with them and if she ever had a problem she could talk to the agency owners and receptionists.

Luckily for me, the escort that I choose, did everything the escort agency said she would do, and more! I did not need to ring the escort agency to complain, only to rebook.

I can confirm that my first experience of using an escort agency was a positive encounter!